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Public Relations and Services offered:

  • Organizing conferences/seminars/panels at leading UK Universities;
  • Presentation of placards by leading professors at UK Universities;
  • Organising dinners at renowned English Halls, including the Lords;
  • The presentation of placards and awards in the UKs leading halls;
  • Organising one-to-one meetings with British politicians, including MPs, MEPS and Lords amongst others;
  • Organising programs and dinners at exclusive venues including Lincolns Inn;
  • Announcing prominent events/programs by leading British media institutions;
  • Announcing prominent events/programs by leading Turkish media institutions;
  • Video and photographic documentation of all programs ready to run as a new piece;
  • A brochure of the programs activities, both past and future;
  • Depending on demand, the organisation of hotel, transport, translation and dinner;
  • Organising tours in London and around the UK.

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