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• To intensify the cooperation between our membership, component, and employees to base our prompt and quality services based on participation, training and motivation in order to contribute to British-Turkish economies, to meet the needs and expectations of our membership, to continually develop our services and to enhance and maintain the image of an exemplary, leading institution in the economic and social fields of the region.
• With a progressive spectrum from bottom to top, BIZNET embraces a wide range of businesses, which intends to create the infrastructure in order to enable enterprises to have an international vision, to grow in an export oriented fashion.
• BIZNET’s objective is to cultivate and apply transparent approach with respect to national and universal legislative norms and develop a growth model with deference to sustainable environment.
• To develop logical business solutions in creating grounds for generating new opportunities and within this framework to support raising consciousness for total quality and brand marks.
• BIZNET brings businessmen together in its body where in unity and solidarity they benefit from the latest developments of the 21st Century technology and become prominent members of the business world.


Business Network aims at offering opportunities to those aspiring business people in their ambitions to open their businesses to world trade by highlighting questions in the path of businesses, offering solutions to those potential questions, exchange experience between leading and aspiring business people in their endeavours in entering the global market.

To do this BIZNET undertakes to;

• Offer the entrepreneurs the benefits of modern business technology, and the opportunity to meet other successful traders whilst venturing in their own businesses.
• Develop business ideas and progressive proposals, potentials are inspire them with set targets to achieve.
• As the voice of the global market, to constructively offer alternative ideas, to propose solutions to business conflicts and economic policies.
• By keeping ourselves up-to-date with innovations, developments, relations, we intend to inspire our traders with every global business opportunity in order for our business people to integrate with the world.
• To consolidate family based companies against economic upheavals and increase profitability, efficiency, we advise and guide family enterprises on know-how regarding setting up and running their businesses.
• To enhance our members’ efficiency with fast, convenient, direct information from experts and up-to-date information, consultation.
• Finally, our key mission is to enhance relations, co-operation, meet ideas with traders to improve their opportunities.